The Tokyo Ghoul Author’s New Manga SHOCKED Everyone — Except Me

Recently (May 10, 2021), Sui Ishida, author of the famous series, Tokyo Ghoul, came back with his new manga series, Choujin X (with English title Superhuman X), on Weekly Shonen Jump. Today, we are going to talk about the manga — and share some thoughts and future expectations.

So… Sui Ishida has come back after almost three long years with a new manga, Choujin X. Choujin X is an action, supernatural manga about a boy named Tokio Kurohara, he is friends with Azuma Higashi. Azuma has a strong body, powerful sense of justice and top-notch grades. Meanwhile, Tokio does not possess all these qualities. He’s just a bystander when Azuma fights the bad guys, and stuff like that. Even so, they are still very good friends. They live in an area where destruction by Choujins — superhumans — are prevalent. One day, losing a fight with a Choujin, they make a crucial decision — to become Choujins themselves.

Now, I do think the premise is okay. While I don’t think it is anything groundbreaking, and something I would not read myself (I only read this because of the author honestly…), I still think it’s something that could become a pretty cool series when pulled off. I hope Sui Ishida does something interesting and new with the concept he has created and make a great manga for everyone.

I have read Tokyo Ghoul (not :re yet, though), and I think there are many similarities between Tokyo Ghoul and Choujin X. The plot is similar in some ways, especially with the concept of Choujins. Some features were just changed, like I think Choujins don’t eat humans, and such… But this is all just my opinion based on what I’ve seen so far. What do I know anyway? I just read the first f*cking chapter.

Anyway, aside from the plot, the setting has some parallels to the setting of Tokyo Ghoul. Now, I know that the kind of setting is not something only Tokyo Ghoul has — but I still think that it is the same with Choujin X except that Choujins cause destruction — not Ghouls. I never wanted to compare Tokyo Ghoul and Choujin X too much, but I can’t help but to see these similarities.

Anyway, for the other stuff, like the characters, I can’t really say anything about them yet. I’m not attached to anyone in the series, yet. And I hope we get to meet new characters soon for us to like. But if you’d ask me who I’m liking as of now, it will be the protagonist, Tokio Kurohara. I just relate to him a bit. For the artwork, it’s great. I mean, Sui Ishida’s art style has always been great. And seeing it again after how many years (considering how much I’ve procrastinated on reading :re), is quite refreshing.

Another thing I wanted to note is the comedic elements in the first chapter. There were quite some of them and I don’t know if it's going to continue or that it just so happened that they placed those jokes there. What I’m hoping for is that for the series to have more of those comedic scenes — despite the show being serious. That’s one thing I really like on stories, and I hope Choujin X would give more of that for the next chapters to come.

Something like this…

Based on what I’ve seen on Reddit, this manga shocked people? I don’t know if Choujin X ‘shocked’ them in a good or bad way, but personally, I wasn’t shocked by any means. It was not anything new, nor it was something I’ve never seen before. But I wasn’t bummed.

(Maybe people were shocked because they released it sooner than expected but I don’t know…)

Overall, I think the first chapter was decent. Nothing special, but it was not bad, and something I would look forward to. I hope this series goes well, wishing for Sui Ishida’s success with Choujin X. And I hope what Reddit people are saying (that Choujin X is Tokyo Ghoul 2.0), won’t come true because it will be such a sucker if this we’ll be given a bad series after the sh*tty ending of :re, according to the general public, that is. (This is also one reason I haven’t read :re yet…)

So yeah, that’s all. See you in a couple years, when this series concludes. (Or a couple months if it came out bad.) Thank you for reading. Bye!

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